Nordic Catalyst offers workshops and training targeted at companies and research organisations interested in innovations and technology transfer.

Examples of the current workshop models can be found below. The workshops will be individually tailored for each organisation - let’s talk and find the best solution for your needs!



Want to provide an overview of the elements of successful innovation processes to your team, research organisation or company?

Would you like to raise awareness and interest in commercialisation of scientific inventions in your organisation?

Interested in better understanding the academic technology transfer processes or collaboration possibilities with academic institutions?

TTBASICS-WORKSHOP is a workshop concept made specifically for research organisations and companies interested in getting an overview of the elements of successful innovation processes. The workshop can be organised as part of larger projects (for example TT-FOCUS or TT-ORG) or separately as an informative training event or seminar.

The founder of Nordic Catalyst, Dr. Saara Inkinen, has over six years of international experience in technology transfer and over 10 years in R&D. She thoroughly understands the needs of both research communities and companies commercialising novel technologies and is familiar with the challenges that are often encountered at the interface between science and business. The TTBASICS-WORKSHOP contains practical insights from her work and directly applicable systematic methods that the participants can implement in their organisations.

The contents and length of the TTBASICS-WORKSHOP can be tailored according to the clients’ specific needs. It can focus more on innovation management or technology transfer, depending on the defined aims. Interactive features and group assignments on topics relevant for the client organisation can also be included.

The TTBASICS-WORKSHOP is ideal for:

  • Getting an overview of successful organisational innovation processes

  • Generating awareness of successful innovation and technology transfer activities in the organisation

  • Getting Inspiration, practical input and systematic methods for organisational development projects related to innovation activities



Are you struggling to describe your idea or a new technology to potential clients or funding agents in a compact, informative and memorable way?

Do you need an easy way to structure your pitch?

Do you want to better target your message to your specific audience?

PITCHING-WORKSHOPS organised by Nordic Catalyst help you to prepare your business pitch or other presentation in a structured way, so that it will be memorable, informative and easy to deliver.

The methods presented are not only useful for formal oral presentations, but also serve as tools for summarising key information for business discussions, funding applications and slide decks.

PITCHING WORKSHOPs are ideal for:

  • Research, innovation and business development professionals from both companies and research organisations


  • Memorable tools that are easily implemented in presentations and discussions, for example business meetings, negotiations and partnering events

  • The tools will help you prepare informative presentations on complex topics

  • The methods can also be used to improve different types of written project plans and presentations