In R&D support, Nordic Catalyst is specialised in chemical technologies, especially polymers, biopolymers, adhesives and packaging materials.

Please let us know if you have any questions or specific needs related to the field. We will be happy to discuss the collaboration possibilities with you to find out how we could help you.



Do you need support for an R&D project related to biopolymers or another field of polymer science?

Do you need support for preparing articles, presentations or project plans related to chemical technologies?

Would you like to get new input and methods for planning and managing your research activities?

RD-FOCUS is for innovative companies and research organisations working with chemical technologies. Nordic Catalyst has special expertise in the field of polymer science, especially biobased and biodegradable polymers (e.g. poly(lactic acid) (PLA)), polymeric adhesives and polymeric packaging materials.

The Founder of Nordic Catalyst, Dr. Saara Inkinen, has a M.Sc. (Tech.) degree in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Economics and a D.Sc. (Tech.) in Technical Polymer Chemistry. She has been working with chemical R&D since 2005, mainly in an industrial context, and is still connected to the academia by supervising a doctoral thesis related to bioresorbable implants for bone and cartilage repair. She is highly experienced in producing high-quality scientific articles (please see her LinkedIn profile for a complete list), presentations and project plans — for example, one of her scientific articles has been ranked among the top 1% in its field and publication year, according to the received citations. Dr. Inkinen additionally has significant experience in managing and planning externally funded research and early commercialisation projects.

Nordic Catalyst can also bring additional input to the overall innovation management process in R&D departments, covering activities all the way from identification of the most promising new ideas to developing the technical and commercial potential of new technologies. Hence, RD-FOCUS projects can also be include technology transfer or IP exploitation aspects - please read more here.

RD-FOCUS reports can be provided in English, Finnish or Swedish.

RD-FOCUS is optimal for:

  • Companies or research organisations doing research related to chemical technologies

  • Researchers needing support for preparation or evaluation of scientific materials related to chemical technologies