Nordic Catalyst® Technology Transfer and Innovation Management Consulting

Commercialisation of new technologies and scientific innovations involves a variety of different activities and steps that can be challenging to manage efficiently and in a timely manner.

Nordic Catalyst provides support for:

  • Early technical and commercial assessment of novel technologies (TT-XS)

  • Technology transfer and commercialisation of technological innovations (TT-FOCUS)

  • Creating and optimising innovation processes of organisations (TT-ORG)

  • IP Exploitation (commercialisation of patented technologies) (TT-IP)

The consulting service packages below are designed to provide flexible and focused support for organisations needing additional resources and input for their technology transfer and innovation management activities.

Please let us know if you have any questions or specific needs related to commercialisation of new inventions. We will be happy to make you an individualised project plan.



Do you need an initial assessment of an invention or a new technology in order to be able to take the next step?

Are you submitting a funding application and need more input for the part on commercialisation and market potential?

Do you need additional input for meeting or presentation about a novel technological invention?

TT-XS provides you a quick and efficient way of obtaining additional information and external input about the development status, business potential, and possible market of your invention. Nordic Catalyst can also use client organisation’s own assessment templates or procedures.

TT-XS is ideal for:

  • Innovation departments and research groups in companies and academic research institutions

  • Companies and startups working on novel technologies


  • Provides an initial assessment of the commercial and technological potential of a new invention

  • Can be used to support further innovation management actions or investment decisions related to new inventions or technologies

  • Great for pruning an accumulated case portfolio, enabling quicker decisions about further investments

  • Ideal for research and funding applications, which often benefit from the analysis of the commercialisation and market potential of the concept

  • Evaluation of the commercial and market potential of new technologies


  • A focused written report on the development status, business potential, and possible market of the technology



Do you need support for specific technology transfer activities or for larger projects?

TT-FOCUS projects can be fully optimised to meet the client’s needs in commercialisation of scientific innovations and innovation management. TT-FOCUS projects are typically focused on further development and commercialisation of a specific product or service innovation that is based on scientific research. The projects can involve for example identification and assessment of new inventions, support for selected steps in the commercialisation process, or IP exploitation activities as described on the TT-IP service package below. The aim and contents of the projects are designed based on the client’s individual needs.



Your organisation is producing new innovations, but they don’t lead to new products or business activities. What’s wrong?

The research organisation is producing numerous scientific articles, but the innovations within them are not identified. How can the IP produced be quantified and exploited more systematically?

The innovation process within the organisation needs to be defined, optimised and documented.

Optimised innovation processes lay the foundation for successful technology transfer and commercialisation activities. In general, innovation management aims to improve the organisation’s ability to produce and promote new ideas, services or products, so that it can efficiently respond to new opportunities. TT-ORG projects include a systematic analysis of the organisational capabilities for successful technology transfer and they are designed case-by-case, according to the client’s specific needs.

TT-ORG is ideal for:

  • Small and medium sized companies (SMEs), which have their own research and development activities

  • Research organisations and universities

Possible outcomes and benefits:

  • Raised awareness of the elements of successful innovation processes within the organisation (please see our workshop on this topic!)

  • A documented analysis of existing organisational innovation processes and a concrete action plan on how to improve them.

  • A new or optimised innovation process for the organisation, based on organisational analysis and followed by a collaborative development project.



Need to find a licensee or buyer for your patent or patent application?

No time to attend a partnering or brokerage event?

Need support for finding and contacting potential partners for your novel technology?

The TT-IP service package is perfect for companies and research organisations that need support for the commercialisation of their patented technologies. The contents of the projects are tailored for the specific needs of the client on a case-by-case basis. The aim is typically to find a licensee or buyer for a patent application or a granted patent. TT-IP can also be combined with TT-FOCUS, if the commercialisation step is part of a larger project involving other activities.

Nordic Catalyst is located in Vienna, Austria, with particularly good connections to Finland and Scandinavia. We work with international clients and are flexible to travel to events and meetings according to the clients’ needs.

Possible activities included in TT-IP are for example:

  • Support for planning and management of IP exploitation activities

  • Representation of the client organisation in partnering and brokerage events

  • Presentation of the technology to potential licensees or buyers